Trisquel 4.5 Slaine – “Run free!”

“Run free”, says Trisquel’s slogan. And this is what it’s about — Trisquel is one of the few totally free GNU/Linux distributions, as recognized by the FSF. Based on Ubuntu, it rejects all of the “non-free applications, non-free programming platforms, non-free drivers, or non-free firmware ‘blobs'” included in the original distro. However, does this removal deeply affects the performances of Trisquel? Let’s see that.

First of all, Trisquel looks very complete even while using the Live CD. It has everything needed to be ran properly, a few applications — about as much as a newly-installed Debian, but less than Ubuntu — and you can start right off your work.

Trisquel 4.5 "Slaine" desktop.

Leafing through Synaptic (the package manager), you might be greatly impressed by the huge number of proprietary software replacements, from Adobe’s Flash Player to a myriad of other non-free stuff. This somehow proves the force of the free software community, doesn’t it? Trisquel succeeds there, by bringing an amazingly perfomant distribution to this community, and delivers a great work-tool that you can use without any remorse; you’re not using proprietary software, after all!

Trisquel has its own design, which is simple, clear and clean, which makes it easy for everyone to use it; you don’t need to be an expert. And one great thing is that it’s very portable, i.e. it will run perfectly on just a Live CD.

‘Slaine’ should work on most computers. It requires 700Mb for a default installation.

Feel free to try it!



"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating." - Kofi Annan. I love messing with stuff. The result's always awesome!

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