Listen to free music with Jamendo

For a long time, we had not heard about free music, but thanks to services such as Jamendo, MusicBrainz or Dogmazic, it has been rising and shining for a few years now. Mostly licensed under Creative Commons licenses, you’re able to listen and download free music for no cost whatsoever, while it allows artists to promote themselves and build up a fan community. For once, you won’t be sued by RIAA and get into debt after they win a case in court against you… yes, forget about that.

As I made an account on Jamendo, I discovered TONS of new music and artists and it opened my musical horizons… obviously what I needed, since I’m a musician! You’ll find anything you want to listen to: rock, electro, pop, jazz, blues, house. When I started using Jamendo, I first (and wrongly) thought the musicians would be poor amateurs. They all revealed to be amazing, each bringing their own part in the music they compose.

Ambush on All Sides - TenPenny Joke


There isn’t a proper search engine on Jamendo; it works with a tag cloud system, which is better for both listeners and artists: the first don’t stop themselves to one music genre, while it gives the second a better chance to be listened to. You can subscribe for a free account, which is useful for saving your favorite music, or for a ‘PRO’ one — for professionals — if you need a background music in your shop/business or for a multimedia project. Normal listeners will prefer a free account.

Try Jamendo, and open your ears wide for musical awesomeness!



"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating." - Kofi Annan. I love messing with stuff. The result's always awesome!

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