Iron: a safe and free browser

Iron is one of those browsers that focuses on your privacy and security by greatly enhancing them. Based on Chromium, it removes the unsafe tools and features originally present in Google Chrome (see a full list here). It is licensed under the BSD license, thus it is free software.

Iron concerns most of the people who have their browser filled with privacy addons – ABP, NoScript, BetterPrivacy, etc -, as it includes all the necessary tools to ensure a safe browsing, such as integrated ad blocker and changeable user-agent. As said above, it gets rid of insecure things in Chrome like installation-ID, RLZ tracking, URL tracker,  the ‘suggest’ feature, alternate error pages or error reporting. Generally, these allow Google to track you by sending all this data to their servers; not so cool, right?

Iron - Wikipedia

Yet, Iron keeps all the good stuff from Chrome: “extremely fast site rendering, a sleek design and innovative features” (and works exactly the same way). It should also reduce your RAM usage since the privacy/security addons you have are directly built into the browser, and please Firefox users which uses an average of 500Mb (addons included), as well as Chrome users who want to protect themselves.

The SRWare team – a German developing team – made this possible, hence the full name SRWare Iron.

Last but not least, let me remind you that browsing safely is one of the most important freedom you (can) have: you do not deserve to be tracked by companies!

You can download Iron from the official website.


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