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Introducing XChat-DeaDBeeF


Listening to your music directly from XChat, the famous IRC client, or its successor HexChat? If you’ve ever wondered whether that possibly existed, doubt no more: the answer is a striking “Yes”! Released as a free software, XChat-DeaDBeeF gives you a

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YouTube and Vimeo: forcing HTML5 video instead of Flash (Chrome & Firefox)

Recent improvements to popular Internet browsers have increased their HTML5 capabilities. Whilst just a handful of them contained features from the upcoming HTML revision two or three years ago, the top 6 browsers (Maxton, Chrome, Firefox,  Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer) now

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A solution to the Great Hassle of passwords

Passwords are everywhere. With most services on Internet, a new user account must be created – and with each of those, comes a password. Often, people will find themselves using the same passwords over and over again – but do they

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Reviving the blog – change of editorial line

It’s been a while! This blog has been, unfortunately, left to rust whilst I worked on other projects (and school). However, it came back to my interest as I believe I have to share some more important informations and cool

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