Reviving the blog – change of editorial line

It’s been a while! This blog has been, unfortunately, left to rust whilst I worked on other projects (and school). However, it came back to my interest as I believe I have to share some more important informations and cool discoveries.

With this being said, the editorial line will clearly shift onto another focus. I will still be covering digital news, free softwares and the like – but I’ll be adding my own voice, rather than leaving you with informal and boring entries. Further subjects besides the scope of technology will be discussed on the blog.

Assuredly, the revival of the blog required some changes to the previous model. I’ve renamed it Frosty Bits as it perfectly fits what I will share: fresh pieces of news on ongoing and current matters. A new theme and design have been chosen and the template’s been slightly modified, with some more options to follow the blog on social networks.

I wish you a good read and you’ll hopefully enjoy the new entries. Spread the word if any of my articles has interested you!


"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating." - Kofi Annan. I love messing with stuff. The result's always awesome!

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