Introducing XChat-DeaDBeeF

Listening to your music directly from XChat, the famous IRC client, or its successor HexChat? If you’ve ever wondered whether that possibly existed, doubt no more: the answer is a striking “Yes”! Released as a free software, XChat-DeaDBeeF gives you a full, IRC-based control of DeaDBeeF, a Linux music player.

At first, I was desperately looking for some ways to enhance my experience with DeaDBeeF. I love the player itself, but it is not as popular as the mainstream ones (Rhythmbox, Banshee, etc) – which means that it lacks an active community of users and developers. Whilst DeaDBeeF’s main developer Alexey Yakovenko (alias waker) proposes a list of plugins built by third parties, none of them include controlling a music player on a remote application, let alone an IRC client. As a result, some users took the matter in their hands and started coding their own plugins.

From there on, as I am an avid IRC user (and should be found in some network 24/7) and that XChat is my favorite IRC client, I decided to integrate DeaDBeeF control within XChat. Instead of tabbing back to DeaDBeeF, a practice that gets on your nerves pretty quickly, I wrote a small XChat Python script (XChat provides an excellent Python interface). It only displayed the current song that was being played, but I made a quick research and found Trixar_za’s XChat-Deadbeef plugin.

Afterwards, I modified my own script and added the control features in Trixar_za’s one. Some of them were not working properly or had a rather bizarre behaviour (especially for the play/pause controls). I thought the script deserved a much-needed update and I contacted Trixar_za to tell him about it – we eventually agreed on changing the code.

Here’s the result: XChat-DeaDBeeF. The script is licensed under the WTFPL – do whatever you want with it. You’re greatly encouraged to contribute with the development; we whole-heartedly accept new features, ideas and suggestions!

The instructions are included in the readme file on GitHub. Have fun and rock on!

Note: XChat-DeaDBeeF works on both XChat and HexChat!


"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating." - Kofi Annan. I love messing with stuff. The result's always awesome!

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