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Frosty Bits is moving to a new home!

Hello, folks! A month ago, I acquired a domain for my personal use, As a result, Frosty Bits is moving to a new address – -, and this blog on will no longer be updated. Nothing should change

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Introducing XChat-DeaDBeeF


Listening to your music directly from XChat, the famous IRC client, or its successor HexChat? If you’ve ever wondered whether that possibly existed, doubt no more: the answer is a striking “Yes”! Released as a free software, XChat-DeaDBeeF gives you a

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YouTube and Vimeo: forcing HTML5 video instead of Flash (Chrome & Firefox)

Recent improvements to popular Internet browsers have increased their HTML5 capabilities. Whilst just a handful of them contained features from the upcoming HTML revision two or three years ago, the top 6 browsers (Maxton, Chrome, Firefox,  Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer) now

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A solution to the Great Hassle of passwords

Passwords are everywhere. With most services on Internet, a new user account must be created – and with each of those, comes a password. Often, people will find themselves using the same passwords over and over again – but do they

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Reviving the blog – change of editorial line

It’s been a while! This blog has been, unfortunately, left to rust whilst I worked on other projects (and school). However, it came back to my interest as I believe I have to share some more important informations and cool

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A quick guide to Linux audio players

Linux offers many free audio players. If you haven’t settled for one yet, or are confused about which one you should use, this guide will help you choosing. Even though this is a non-exhaustive list, it gathers the main audio

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Deep privacy concerns raised over Google’s new policy

On March 1st, 2012, Google adopted a new worldwide privacy policy. It was, unfortunately, for the worse; this policy enhances user tracking to provide better ads. This change also raised an international concern, especially in Europe, where Justice Commissioner Viviane

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