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Introducing XChat-DeaDBeeF


Listening to your music directly from XChat, the famous IRC client, or its successor HexChat? If you’ve ever wondered whether that possibly existed, doubt no more: the answer is a striking “Yes”! Released as a free software, XChat-DeaDBeeF gives you a

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A solution to the Great Hassle of passwords

Passwords are everywhere. With most services on Internet, a new user account must be created – and with each of those, comes a password. Often, people will find themselves using the same passwords over and over again – but do they

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A quick guide to Linux audio players

Linux offers many free audio players. If you haven’t settled for one yet, or are confused about which one you should use, this guide will help you choosing. Even though this is a non-exhaustive list, it gathers the main audio

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Compile a new kernel on Debian

Debian Squeeze (or 6) is shipped with Linux kernel 2.6.32. However, back in November 2010, Phoronix announced a wonderful patch for the kernel which includes 200 lines of magic: they reduce the maximum latency by 10, and the average latency

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Trisquel 4.5 Slaine – “Run free!”

“Run free”, says Trisquel’s slogan. And this is what it’s about — Trisquel is one of the few totally free GNU/Linux distributions, as recognized by the FSF. Based on Ubuntu, it rejects all of the “non-free applications, non-free programming platforms,

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Ubuntu 11.04 vs. Debian Squeeze

I’ve recently installed Debian on an old PC to give it a second life, while keeping Ubuntu on my main computer. Here are my feelings for both of them: Ubuntu 11.04 To put it simply: what a shame! I was

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